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Success Stories
"The FTF program is excellent. The program structure is very user friendly and accessible via computer or phone through its webpage. Unlike other web based personal trainer programs which most people have used, this program brings together both healthy living styles/exercises and diabetes management. Because of this program I have been able to better manage my blood glucose levels, learn which types of food affect blood glucose levels, and how exercise affects blood glucose levels.
I would like to stress again that this program is unlike others most people have tried. It is worth taking the dive."
-Dan K., RN
"The individualized plan and flexibility of the virtual platform have made this program accessible for me. Matt and Lisa have kept the focus on diabetic specific needs when discussing nutrition and exercise. Not only are they knowledgeable about diabetes, but they can speak to it from first hand experience. I trust that I am being safely pushed to improve my health and that I have solid encouraging supports."
-Mariana N.
"This program is awesome. I recommend it to anyone struggling with diabetes. You will be given the tools and educated on the best techniques to manage blood sugar levels. More importantly, there is a sense of community that encourages you to reach and exceed your fitness goals. FTF Warrior is the best prescription to help you fight poor diabetes management."
-Derrick T.
"I love the fact that this is not a fad diet. Matt and Lisa focus on you as a whole person and teaching you how to be healthy overall. The check-ins are great and help keep you on track. Having goals to meet are very helpful and being specific about them and realistic about them is also incredibly helpful. That and the fact that they teach you that you can modify anything to whatever you might be going through in that moment, is awesome. Thanks y'all!
-Jennifer T.
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